Woodland Fairy First Birthday Party Theme for Girls

Woodland Fairy First Birthday Party Theme for Girls

There are two categories of people; those who love to plan and those who don’t. I fall into the first category. I love to plan! Sometimes I almost enjoy it more than the actual event. Planning helps me think through all the possibilities, scenarios, and outcomes. I tend to try to control things a little too much, which is why I’m grateful for my go with the flow husband. Also becoming a mommy shows you just how much is out of your control. It has certainly taught me to be more flexible! But, even as I’ve learned to adapt it hasn’t taken away my love of planning. I’ve come by this trait naturally as my mom loves to plan. She would start planning my birthday parties about a year in advance, as soon as the last one was over. My parties were always elaborate and over the top. One of my favorite home videos is of my mom explaining a relay race game to the kids at my party. When it came time for us to actually play we were a confused bunch of 7 year olds, and had to be coached through the course by the adults. Another great memory and photo op was the real dead fish used to make fish shaped imprints on DIY decorated shirts for my Little Mermaid party. We all painted the fish and slapped the imprint on our shirts without question, but our facial expressions in the photos are priceless. My mom always made sure my birthday was filled with memories. So as a mommy I wanted to make sure my own daughter had the same experience. I started planning my daughters first birthday before she was born. You may be giving me a crazy look right now, but it filled the time in the 11 days she was past due. It kept me from going crazy waiting for something I had no control over! I searched Pinterest for hours and looked through dozens of first birthday party themes for girls. I decided on a Woodland Fairy First Birthday Party Theme. I loved the magical theme with natural elements along with beautiful glittery fairies and cute woodland creatures. I’m sharing all my planning ideas and hope you’ll enjoy them to use for your little girl.

Party planning can be stressful. Hiring a professional party planner is expensive. Taking a large group to a play place is going to cost you a couple hundred dollars at least. But following my party plan will make it easy to host a fun event at home for your family and friends to celebrate your little girl.

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woodland fair first birthday
This cute body suit matched the theme perfectly. You can find it on Etsy here. The tutu I got on Amazon.

Theme, Invitation, and Décor

The woodland fairy first birthday party theme is filled with natural elements. Think of a magical forest with mossy coves and flower covered vines. Then add a hint of sparkle with fairies playing. Finally cute cuddly forest friends complete the scene. The fairy tale woodland forest also had to be full of fairy stories, so I included famous children’s stories throughout the theme. I used famous story quotes for cute signs and food themed to famous fairy tales.

The invitation sets the tone for the whole party. I designed the invitation in Microsoft Publisher using graphics I bought on Etsy. Here is what I purchased:

Pink White Valentines Day Watercolor Banner Ribbon Clip Art | Etsy

FHF clipart is now Dainty Deer Clipart, so exactly what I ordered is no longer available

Woodland Animals Clipart Woodland Clip Art Watercolor | Etsy

Paper Sphinx similar floral ring Watercolor Peonies Floral Wreaths Peonies Clipart Spring | Etsy

I used Kunstler Script and Book Antiqua fonts.

I also created a few signs to place around the party using famous literary quotes.

“Welcome to the Enchanted Forest”

“Every adventure requires a first step.” – The Cheshire Cat

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” – Peter Pan

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh

Here is how we decorated spaces of the party. It was going to be cooler than expected and with the potential for rain we purchased a pop up tent to extend the space outdoors as much as possible. Thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

woodland fairy first birthday party theme décor
The large flowers were purchased from Hobby Lobby. But if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you I found similar ones on Amazon. The fake ivy completed the look.
woodland fairy first birthday party theme décor
Around the rest of the party space I found a great kit that was pink and gold.
woodland fairy first birthday party theme décor
I loved this cute banner to display the photos of my little girl’s first year.



Inevitably every party is about the food, right! You want to try to match the theme, but also have food that is easy to prepare for a crowd and kid friendly. Some of my little one’s favorite foods were fruit, cheese, and beans.

Woodland fairy birthday party theme

Snail Sandwiches – I ordered these sandwich rolls from the grocery store. Having something store bought saved me some stress!

Fairy Fruit Wands – I bought large white skewers from Michaels and cut watermelon in the shape of stars. Then I added grapes to complete the wand, but added bowls of cut grapes and watermelon to make easy eating for little ones.

Poison Apple Salad – This was just a tossed green salad with sliced apples and poppy seed dressing.

Jack’s Magic Bean Salad – Again I used an easy store bought item here with cans of 3 bean salad! Even today my daughter loves kidney beans, so this was a hit with her.

Forest Twigs – Pretzel rods for easy snacking!

I had a cooler outside with water bottles, sparkling waters, and kid friendly water boxes. I love these hint flavored water boxes for kids. With no artificial ingredients or sugar they are something tasty and different, but won’t cause a sugar high.

I decorated the space to look like a fairytale carriage was going through the woods. I purchased a moss mat from Amazon and the pink carriage was from Hobby Lobby but Amazon has an alternative too. After lunch was eaten I put on the cupcakes that I decorated to look like toadstools in the forest. I used round cutters for the fondant tops. I cut a large pink circle to cover the top and small white circles for the dots. I used a low sugar cake recipe to minimize my daughter’s first experience with real sugar, you can find it here! Then I purchased the cute fairy picks from Michaels.

Woodland Fairy birthday party theme cupcakes
woodland fairy birthday theme


Activities and Games

For a first birthday party you don’t want it to last too long and overwhelm your little one. We were still on 2 naps, so we wanted to enjoy the time between naps without getting over tired. So we just had a few easy activities that would be enjoyed by a variety of ages and both for boys and girls. Nothing was organized to need to be done at a certain time. Kids and parents could choose to participate as they wanted. It made it easy for the little ones who get distracted quickly to do as they pleased.

The first thing we offered was these cute animal masks for kids to make, so they could be the woodland creatures in our forest. Then we had bubble play outside, because I’ve never met a one year old that doesn’t love bubbles! Next kids could make a fairy wand with pipe cleaners and beads. Last we had a magical reading tent for kids to explore fairy tale stories and relax in a cozy space.

first birthday party craft
first birthday fun


Amazon no longer carries the same masks we had at the party, but these look just as cute!

Party Timeline, Favors, and Thank You Cards

As I mentioned we didn’t want the party to be too long and dip into nap time, so I kept it short and sweet.

12pm – Party start and guests arrive. They could get a drink, and enjoy any of the mentioned activities.

12:30pm – Lunch served. We let everyone know food was ready. They could come through the buffet and then find a spot to sit. Kids eat fast so this was another reason to have a variety of self-led activities.

1pm – Gather everyone for singing “Happy Birthday” then pass out cupcakes. We opened presents as people enjoyed their cupcakes, so everyone could sit and watch.

1:30pm – After presents had been opened, we thanked everyone for coming and being part of the team helping us get through the first year! Invited guests to stay and enjoy the activities or head home for nap time.

2pm – Nap time and party ended.

For party favors I wanted to give something practical that wouldn’t just be broken or end up in the trash. To continue the fairy tale theme, each child got to choose a little golden book to take home. We had princess books and Star Wars books.

After the party I made thank you cards. I think it’s always nice to write a note to thank people for gifts after a party. I can still remember my mom helping me create a general template when I was old enough to write them myself. The front of the card matched the theme and on the inside I had a picture of my daughter in her birthday outfit. A thank you note doesn’t have to be intimidating. A simple heart felt thank you mentioning the gift and what you like about it is all that’s needed.

It really was a wonderful day. The food, fun, and décor was all delightful, but even more special were the people that came to celebrate. What are your biggest party planning challenges? Do you have questions of how to put this party plan into action? Just write your questions in the comments!

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