Save money on your daily coffee to invest in your child’s future

Save money on your daily coffee to invest in your child’s future

Recently I ran across this article on CNBC, This calculator tells you how much money your kids could have at 18 if you invest for them now. When I typed in the calculator to invest $5 a day for my child it told me by the time she is 18 we could have over $37,000. Seeing that number in black and white was pretty compelling. It got me thinking of ways I could save $5 a day and invest in my child’s future. Well the one thing I know I need daily, especially since becoming a mom, is coffee! I know you feel me parents. Coffee is life, it makes my morning begin. But what if I could stop heading to my local coffee shop and make that same treat at home? Now I’m not with the crowd that can drink their coffee straight up with no cream, milk, or sugar. I admire all of you, my dad is one of your kind, after all “it’s the cream and sugar that will kill you”, according to my dad. I learned to drink coffee in college; it was as necessary then as it is now, but for very different reasons. To get started I needed cream and sugar. Then I was introduced to a frothy blended cold coffee treat, which many of us call a Frappuccino.  And I’ve never looked back!  But, now I have some different spending priorities than my college days. To save money for the most important things I’ve learned to adapt and have found easy at home recipes for making some pretty tasty coffee drinks. If you want to save money on coffee to invest in your child’s future read on.


coffee meme
coffee meme

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Homemade Lattes

When I was working in an office someone brought in their Nespresso and a milk frother to share. I had no concept how generous this was until I was completely hooked. There was no need to get an expensive latte every day. I simply put the pod in, and added some skim frothed milk to my espresso with a touch of Torani vanilla syrup. It was almost so close to the real thing from my favorite coffee shop it was easy to save the money. But, then I left the office world and became a stay at home mom – now what? I didn’t have a Nespresso, and didn’t really have the money to invest in one. I already had a Keruig, so why did I need another kitchen appliance for coffee. It was hard to justify. Lets fast forward to Black Friday . . . when I spotted the Keurig K-Café Coffee Maker at half price! (side note: want to save big on small kitchen appliances, wait for Black Friday, see my article on the Instant Pot here , for another deal)

save money with a Keurig K cafe

I love a good deal, and it was the best of both worlds. While it doesn’t create a true espresso, it does concentrate any coffee pod into a coffee shot that is nice and strong. And with the attached frother you save counter space and money. That’s what I call a win-win. I love being able to get my favorite morning latte for a tenth the cost. The secret ingredient is Torani syrups. The best place to buy them is Smart and Final (but I’ve included a link to Amazon below too). I’ve seen a 375ml bottle cost as much as $9 at the grocery store, but a 750ml size bottle is just $6 at Smart and Final. You can even order this fancy pump to place in your bottle for easy serving.


Iced Coffee

Spending money on iced coffee at the fancy coffee place down the street is almost criminal, now that I know how easy it is to make at home. While there is some difference in my homemade latte versus the true espresso of a coffee shop, there is virtually no difference in how my iced coffee compares. It’s easy to make your own cold brew at home or enjoy my recommendation for cold brew concentrate and you’ll save money on coffee big time.

This recipe from Pioneer Woman is the best I’ve found for making a cold brew coffee concentrate at home. I actually make mine even a little stronger than the recipe, so it doesn’t get overwhelmed by my beloved cream and sugar. Here are some tips for making the best iced coffee at home with your own cold brew concentrate.

Step 1: Pick the right container and fill it with coffee grounds

rubbermaid container
trader joe's vanilla coffee grounds
Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Coffee

I choose these Rubbermaid containers because they are durable, and seal nice and tight. It also comes in a 2-pack which is perfect for the process. They are plastic, so they absorb stains and odor. I only use them for making cold brew coffee or tea. Then I added about a 1/3 pound of coffee grounds.

Step 2: Fill the container of coffee grounds with 2.5 quarts of water. Then let it sit on the counter top over night.

Step 3: Filter your coffee liquid into an empty container.

cold brew coffee
cold brew coffee

I use a fine mesh strainer and paper towels. Just using the strainer I end up with more fine coffee grounds in my final product then I want. It takes a few rounds with the paper towel method, and it’s a little messy but worth it.

Final Result: Delicious coffee concentrate ready for some cream or milk and Torani syrup!

save money with homemade coffee concentrate

The second option, while a little more expensive but a great savings in time and energy is Trader Joes Cold Brew Concentrate. I wish they sold this stuff in bulk. When I’m too lazy or don’t have time to make my own this is my go to. At just $7.99 it’s a deal and saves you so much compared to your fancy coffee shop iced coffee latte. I’ve linked it from Amazon below in case you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby. Mine even goes further than the suggesting servings because I add more milk in general. But, if you like a stronger coffee flavor you will certainly get 8 servings out of this, and that means just $1 per coffee drink! That’s money saved and invested in your child’s future.

save money with trader joe's cold brew coffee concentrate


Just as with the homemade latte don’t forget the secret weapon of Torani syrup. One of my personal favorites is the bourbon caramel flavor – so yummy!

Now you may be asking what about homemade Frappucinos? That’s what I really spend the money on. Well, while I’ve tried some recipes to make a copy cat version it’s tough to compare to the real thing. So, my advice – save daily, and then treat yourself to that much needed me time with your fancy coffee drink now and then!


save money on coffee

4 thoughts on “Save money on your daily coffee to invest in your child’s future”

  • I love making coffee at home! I love experimenting with different flavors and tastes, since buying coffee out is so expensive!

  • This is such a great idea! I don’t drink coffee out very often anymore, but I like the idea of finding ways of tucking away a few dollars a day for my toddler.

  • Bourbon Caramel, oh my goodness! Good for you saving for your daughter’s future! We put away some $$ when our kids were little and it was so great to be able to have a nice nest egg to help them through college! I have always been a drink my coffee at home kinda gal. I have never used the Torani syrups, but man that sounds good. Maybe some Bourbon Caramel for the holidays…

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