Picnic Ideas for Teddy Bears Picnic

Picnic Ideas for Teddy Bears Picnic

We love picnics! As the weather has warmed my daughter has become slightly obsessed with picnics. We will often take our picnic blanket out in the backyard to a shady spot and enjoy our lunch outdoors. On the weekend we can often be found headed to the park for a picnic as a family. That’s why it was so fun to share one of my favorite childhood books with my daughter, “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”. It is a fun and magical book inspired by song lyrics written in 1932. The book is timeless as our summer picnics. Here are some of my best picnic ideas for you to start enjoying time outdoors with your little one. And mark your calendar for July 10, National Teddy Bears Picnic Day!

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Our Teddy Bear Picnic

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The History

National Picnic Month was established in 1952 by the American Bakers’ Association and is celebrated each year in July. The origins of July 10 being designated as National Teddy Bears Picnic Day are unclear, but life is for celebrating so it’s a great day for a fun themed picnic with your little one.

Maybe you’ve heard the song, “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” or maybe you’ve just heard the phrase, so here’s a little history. John Walter Bratton is credited for writing the melody for the song in 1907, and lyrics were added later by Jimmy Kennedy in 1932. It has been recorded over the years by many other artists. Jimmy Kennedy was an Irish songwriter and is buried in Somerset, England at Staplegrove Church. To this day locals say the small wooded area by the church is what actually inspired the lyrics. When I was a young child my mother gave me a book by the same title. It was printed in 1983 with Kennedy’s lyrics illustrated by Sandra Darling (pen name Alexandra Day). My original book actually included a record with Bing Crosby singing the song on one side and a local band, “The Bearcats”, recorded on the other. (Source: Wikipedia)

Food Picnic Ideas

We made cute little bear sandwiches for our picnic. We topped bread with peanut butter then added banana slices and blueberries to complete the look.

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Add a “beary” fruit salad for a tasty side.

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For a simple dessert get individual packages of Teddy Grahams or make these cute bear scones.

teddy bear scone

Activity Picnic Ideas

Honey Pot Slime

teddy bear picnic activity



Gather your favorite teddy bears, and your picnic blanket to head outside to a magical teddy bears picnic.


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