Inexpensive DIY Gifts You Can Make At Home

Inexpensive DIY Gifts You Can Make At Home

I’ve always been a fan of making Christmas gifts. People have a lot of stuff, so I love gifting something consumable that won’t take up space or gather dust. DIY gifts show that you put thought and effort into the gift while keeping the cost budget friendly. These inexpensive DIY gifts are perfect for coworkers, neighbors, friends, and teachers. Make sure to download your FREE gift tags too!

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Quick Bread in a Jar

Sunset Magazine

diy gift quick bread

This is the perfect DIY gift for those that love to bake, but don’t have the time! By adding just a few ingredients to contents of the jar your gift recipient will have fresh from the oven chocolate chip oatmeal bread. Save money on jars by saving spaghetti sauce jars and reusing.

Suggested packaging: Quart Sized Mason Jar and fabric square for top lid

Homemade Loaf Cake

Sally’s Baking Addiction

diy gift loaf cake

I have made many recipes from Sally’s Baking Addiction. This pumpkin chocolate chip bread was easy and delicious.  If you have multiple loaf pans double the recipe so you can make 2 for gifts at the same time. Or use a smaller loaf pan like this one and one recipe will make two smaller loaves.

Suggested Packing: Loaf Cake Box

Oriental Trading

Cookie Cutter Fudge

Betty Crocker

diy gift cookie cutter fudge

These are too cute! I can’t wait to try these. You can get cheap cookie cutters from the dollar store. And you can personalize them with all sorts of candy decorations.

Suggested gift packaging: Cookie Cutter, Cellophane Bags and Festive Ribbon

Oriental Trading

Strawberry Riesling Jam

Cooking Light

diy gift strawberry jam

I love how this jam is made in the crock pot, it can’t get any easier. Gift in airtight jars and make sure recipients refrigerate and use in 3 weeks.

Suggested Packaging: Leak Proof Jar

Pancake Mix

Spend with Pennies

diy gift pancake mix

Homemade pancakes always feel special around the holidays. I love adding some canned pumpkin puree to make them festive flavored or add some, ginger, cinnamon, and molasses to make gingerbread flavor. Tie on a cute holiday whisk and a mini bottle of pure maple syrup for an extra cute gift.

Suggested Packaging: Quart Sized Mason Jar and Whisk

Cherry Oat Scone Mix

Yummy Mummy Kitchen

diy gift scone mix

I adore scones, especially with a good cup of tea. These scones are so easy to make with just a few extra ingredients your gift recipient adds.

Suggested Packaging: Quart Sized Mason Jar and Fabric Square

Love Soup

Carrie Rowe

I’ve made this soup mix for several neighbors and friends. I’ve also made it myself at home and it is really yummy for a cold winter night! Enjoy with some homemade bread and compound butter. Check out my post on Easy Homemade Bread With Instant Pot.

Suggested Packaging: Quart Sized Mason Jar and Fabric Sqaures

Compound Butter

Sister Spice Kitchen

diy gift compound butter

I love compound butter to wow guests when I’m entertaining. Or it’s a decadent treat to enjoy myself. Compound butter can be savory and sweet. It’s perfect on any bread, muffin, scone, or biscuit. I love maple cinnamon butter on my pancakes too! Keep refrigerated until gifting.

Suggested Packaging: Wax Paper and Ribbon

Mulled Wine Mix

Simple Joy

diy gift mulled wine mix

I make mulled wine every year for my holiday parties. It is always a crowd pleaser and would make an easy DIY gift! In a tall cellophane bag place a whole orange studded with whole cloves, individual bottle of cranberry juice, and 2 cinnamon sticks. Then print the tag with instructions:

Suggested Packaging: Cellophane Bag and Ribbon

Sweet and Spicy Nut and Pretzel Mix

Cooking Light

diy gift snack mix

I’ve been making this mix for years. It takes a bit of effort up front to prep and baking time, but it’s worth it. It’s the perfect salty sweet snack for a DIY gift. I’m not a big spicy fan so I use a small pinch of cayenne or sometimes I omit it altogether. It’s always a good nosh making it the perfect hostess gift and you need something with pre-meal cocktails. Make sure you use fresh thyme, it makes all the difference along with real maple syrup.

Suggested Packaging: Christmas Tin

Bath Salts

Brandi L Brown

diy gift bath salts

Making bath salt is easy and fun. I actually had it as an activity for a bridal shower I planned a few years back. Everyone went home with some personalized bath salts as their party favor. Bath salts would be great for anyone on your gift list that needs to relax. If you can find out their favorite scent all the better!

Suggested Packaging: Snap Jar

Relaxation Kit

Pretty Providence

This is the gift for anyone in your life that could use some cozy relaxation. Add your DIY bath salts and you’ve got a cute personalized gift. You can also use cozy socks from the dollar store instead of slippers to keep this gift budget friendly. Add some lip balm, nail polish, and chocolate to make it complete.

Suggested Packaging: Basket with shred

I love making gifts for my friends, neighbors, and co-workers. But they wouldn’t be complete without a cute gift tag. Download yours for FREE.


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