Galentine’s Day Tea Party on a Budget

Galentine’s Day Tea Party on a Budget

For the past several years a few of my girlfriends and I have had a Galentine’s Day Party. It is always a fun occasion to get together and make time for friendships. We usually switch up the theme and have had several different styles of parties. We’ve enjoyed a fiesta with tacos and margaritas, wine and charcuterie, and the classic tea party. They’ve all been fun, but possibly my favorite theme for a Galentine’s Day celebration is the beautiful and sophisticated Tea Party. Nothing feels more feminine than lace, flower covered china, and scones. I want to share with you my best tips for a Galentine’s Day Tea Party on a budget! It’s easy with a sophisticated and simple menu. Typical high tea can include; scones with lemon curd, jam, or clotted cream, tea sandwiches, and bite sized dessert. But, don’t forget about the fun with decoration, crafts, and activities.

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What to serve at your Galentine’s Tea Party

Scones. I love scones and what would a tea party be without scones! I made it my mission to find the best scone recipe. Essential to a good scone is very cold butter and a pastry cutter to incorporate the butter. I tested three of the most highly rated scone recipes and you can found out which one was the best here.


Scone Accompaniments. The whole purpose of a scone is to go with tea which is why they are a slightly drier pastry. The slightly dry nature of a scone is also why lemon curd and clotted cream were invented. The flavor combinations are endless, but I enjoy a classic currant scone with delicious curd and cream. You can certainly make your own. In fact check out this recipe for crock pot clotted cream. But, if you are hoping to save a little time and stress a few store bought items go a long way! Both Trader Joes and World Market are great places to find the perfect products to complete your tea party. First they both have a variety of well-priced tea to choose from because, what’s a tea party without tea? Second, they both have wonderful condiments such as lemon curd and jam premade.

Tea Sandwiches. Make tea sandwiches that are simple. This saves time, stress, and money! You want a variety, but that can be overwhelming and costly to have too many ingredients to manage. My favorite tea sandwiches to include are: Cucumber and Cream Cheese, Chicken salad, and Ham either with pimento spread or with brie and apple. The key to beautiful tea sandwiches is the bread. Simple white bread with the crust cut off is the perfect choice. You can cut your sandwiches in rectangles, circles, or even flowers with a cookie cutter. PRO TIP: Freeze bread for 10-15 minutes before cutting to get nice clean shapes. Pull from the freezer and use cookie cutters or cut into rectangles. Your bread will defrost nicely and make it easy to spread the cream cheese and such.  For many more ideas of tea sandwiches, and tips read this article from Oh How Civilized.

Bite Sized Desserts. The perfect finish to any Galentine’s Tea Party is mini desserts. It is Galentine’s after all, so chocolate must be on the menu. Again you can make a few items ahead to enjoy or save time and stress with budget friendly premade products. You’ve already made the scones and tea sandwiches, so why not treat yourself to something special. You can go the budget route and find delicious options at Trader Joes. Hurry and find their heart shaped macarons! Your local grocery store may also have several options. Here’s what I found at my local store:

This trio of dessert bars would be the perfect finish to your Galentine’s Day Tea Party. At only $9 for 3 flavors it’s deal to save you time and give your guests variety.
I love these Smores Cupcakes for a petite treat to finish your tea.

How to Serve. You’ll need something to serve your treats on as well as tea cups for the tea itself. Pretty china is what makes a tea party feel special. If you don’t already own a tea set, shop antique shops or thrift stores. I recommend you get a set that includes a teapot, at least 4 tea cups and saucers, salad size plates, dinner size plates, and if it has a serving platter that’s a bonus. Or you can also look for a 3 tiered server.  Another option is to mix and match if you can’t find an intact set or it’s too expensive. My grandmother loved to collect a place setting of each pattern she liked, so I have about 15 different sets. Each set includes a tea cup, saucer, salad plate, and dinner plate. It is so fun for each of my guests to get to choose a different pattern! And this is a great way to go shopping second hand. After you have your china, a set of linen napkins will make your high tea complete. If you don’t have a set, you can find them most anywhere but check out my suggestions below.

My favorite tea to splurge on is Simpson and Vail. They make wonderful and high quality teas. I love their literary collection and always drink the Charles Dickens blend when I want something special.

Decorate for your Galentine’s Tea Party

Don’t feel like you need to decorate your entire house, focus on the dining space where your guests will be seated. A few simple touches will go a long way! Having place cards for each guest, a banner, and some cute signage all set the mood. I’ve included these as free printables below. You will also want a festive centerpiece. Make sure it is low enough though so your guests can see each other. Nothing is more awkward then needing to lean back and forth to talk to the person across from you.

Centerpiece Ideas.

From Xasper8ing’s Xchange, I love this easy centerpiece. All you need are candy hearts, cute votives, and a simple tray. You can find the candles and tray at the dollar store. Candy hearts are available at most any store like Target or CVS.

galentines day tea party centerpiece

From Michelle Kind TROPIC, this sweet centerpiece is easy to create with supplies from the dollar store.

Supplies Needed: glass taper candleholders 4 inch, foam crafting ball, artificial roses, and ribbon

galentines day tea party


galentines day tea party

Crafts and Activities for your Galentine’s Day Tea Party

DIY Fascinator

I love this fun project for when your guests arrive. It’s simple to find most all these supplies at the dollar store. You’ll need a headband, some tulle, flowers, and felt. Make sure everyone brings their own glue gun and fabric scissors if they have them.

Conversation Hearts Valentine Bingo ( Designed for children, but the Bingo cards with conversation heart phrases would be fun for any age!

What’s On Your Phone – Galentine’s Edition. This fun and easy game gives points for different apps or items on your phone. To get your copy of this FREE game all you have to do is join the Mommy Tried It Community here. Not only will you get this free printable but have full access to my meal plans and other free printables!

Looking for gift ideas to send your Gals home with after the party? Mimmie has a great post filled with ideas that would be perfect for each friend to go home with. Check out her post 13 Cute Galentine Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriends.

It can be difficult to find time to invest in adult friendships, especially after becoming a mommy. That’s why it’s even more important to get your Galentine’s Day Tea Party on the calendar. As moms we need to prioritize ourselves from time to time. It’s part of needed self-care. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, and I’ve found that to be true. Every time I plan for a time with my friends I feel refreshed and refilled.


galentine's day tea party

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