Father’s Day Ideas That Will Make Him Feel Appreciated

Father’s Day Ideas That Will Make Him Feel Appreciated

My dad is the best! He was a very involved father by modern standards much less by 1980’s standards. He got up at 5am to take me to swim practice. He was at every swim meet cheering me on, even if it meant leaving work early. He always told me I looked beautiful. He told me how nice my new hair cut looked, and he would ask me if my top was new, telling me it looked good on me. As a dad of a daughter he had a big part to play in my self-esteem, and he took that responsibility seriously. He taught me how I should expect to be treated by boys, and gave me a positive perspective on future relationships.  Fast forward to now, I’m married to an amazing man and as many women can attest, seeing your husband as a father is an incredible experience. I always believed my husband would be a great dad to a daughter. His kind and gentle spirit would certainly benefit a daughter. Now he is that dad of a daughter, and my instincts were correct, he’s a great girl dad. I appreciate everything he does for our family, and all the hard work he puts in to being an amazing father, so I always want to make Father’s Day special. While my daughter is too young to plan Father’s Day herself, it’s up to me to get creative. If you have a father in your life you want to appreciate; here are my Father’s Day Ideas for a fun and festive celebration. These ideas will also make sure you get to enjoy family time too, and not spend the whole weekend stressed out planning and prepping.

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Easy Father’s Day Menu

BBQ chicken thighs are easy to prep ahead and grill up easily. I love thighs because they are more tender and don’t dry out as easily as chicken breasts. Get skinless boneless thighs to make it even easier. I put a dry rub on mine a few hours ahead and left in the fridge to marinate. The dry rub was a blend of brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, oregano, and chili powder. We use grill mats to keep juices from dripping down into the barbeque, or make sure you oil your grill well to prevent sticking. Grill for 5 minutes a side, brushing with your favorite BBQ sauce at the end.

We like these mats instead of needing to clean the grill grates. They also make sure you don’t have food sticking. Just throw them in a sink of warm soapy water after use.

We love this set of silicone tools, and the large tongs are nice an long to avoid getting too close to the heat.

Chili Lime Corn is something I’ve been making for years, and when Trader Joe’s made a chili lime seasoning it got even easier! I melt one stick of butter then add the zest and juice of one lime. Last I add one tablespoon of the chili lime seasoning. Make sure to keep stirring with your basting brush so all the lime zest doesn’t settle to the bottom. Brush on your corn as you grill.

Antipasto 7 layer salad is a recipe I got from a cooking class many years ago. Simply chop a head of iceberg lettuce then layer on top a can of garbanzo beans, 6oz of chopped salami, 1 cup of fresh diced tomato, and top with shredded fontina cheese. You can also use mozzarella or an Italian cheese blend. For the dressing mix ¾ cup mayonnaise with ¾ plain Greek yogurt along with 1/3 cup parmesan cheese. Then stir in fresh chopped parsley and basil. Finish with red or white vinegar and a dash of Worcestershire to taste.

Prepare ahead, so there isn’t as much work to do at the last minute! Chicken can be put in the fridge to marinate several hours in advance. Corn and be cleaned and put on a tray covered with saran wrap in advance. Make the salad dressing ahead, dice the tomatoes and salami, so all you have to do is chop the lettuce and layer your ingredients.

Other easy make prep-ahead main dishes

Make your own kabobs. You can marinate meat ahead, chop bell peppers, and clean mushrooms. Then place in individual bowls for guests to make their own and place on the grill.

Crockpot meatball sliders. Place meatballs with your favorite marinara sauce in the crockpot to heat. Place cut hoagie buns and cheese out for guests to assemble their own sandwiches.


Plan a scavenger hunt. Write up clues that take your family on a day of fun adventures together. Dad has to figure out the clue at each stop to know where to drive to next. Start at home and head out to a favorite lunch spot. Then surprise him with a special activity like the park or the zoo. Finish with a trip to your favorite ice cream or dessert local.

father's day ideas

Plan a family kickball game. This is a fun way to get everyone involved. Invite another family to join you and have a picnic at the end.

father's day ideas


father's day ideas

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father's day ideas

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Gift Ideas

For the Sports lover, tickets to a game. Try StubHub to save money. Enjoy the game as a family and get matching shirts to cheer on your favorite team and dad.

For the golf lover, gift a round of golf somewhere new or lessons. Groupon always has deals on golf outings. Add a personalized golf towel. Dad golf towel | Etsy

For the beer lover, a beer making kit. I got a beer kit for my husband a few years ago and it’s his new favorite hobby. Make sure you have a few large stock pots to make the process easier. Add a personalized beer glass. Beer mug for dad | Etsy

For any dad, a family photo for his desk. Whether he works from home or in an office a family photo in a sophisticated frame is always appreciated. Plan a photo shoot a few weeks before Father’s Day with Shoot. It’s a low cost way to get a professional photo since you only have to pay for the pictures you like! Shoott | Book a free photo shoot near you | Pay by the pic, $15 each  Dads like family photos too!


father's day ideas

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