Easy Homemade Bread with Instant Pot

Easy Homemade Bread with Instant Pot

When I got my Instant Pot (read about that here), I immediately went to Pinterest to find recipes to get me started. Some of the recipes I stumbled across, besides entrees, were breads and desserts. There were actually a lot of articles I had read before getting my Instant Pot that shared the top reasons you need one, and breads and desserts always made the list. But, until now I have never tried either!  I decided to start with trying bread. Of course, maybe during the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t the best time to find yeast! I’m happy to report I did indeed find yeast, however it wasn’t plain yeast. It was specifically for making sourdough bread, so back to Pinterest I went for an Instant Pot sourdough bread recipe. I found this recipe from Living Sweet Moments. It was perfect for my first attempt at easy homemade bread with the Instant Pot.

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What you need to get started

Contrary to my belief prior to finding recipes for Instant Pot bread, I thought everything would be done in the Instant Pot. That isn’t the case, and many bread recipes need the oven to get that yummy nicely browned crusty outside. So, with that in mind here’s what you need to get started with this recipe:

easy homemade bread ingredients
My ingredients

Step by step easy homemade bread with you Instant Pot

Let’s get cooking this easy homemade bread! First, gather all your ingredients. You need flour, salt, instant yeast, and plain Greek Yogurt. A few notes on these ingredients and what I used. The original recipe, called for bread flour. I don’t make bread that often, and if you are reading this because it had “easy” in the title my guess is you don’t either. After some searching on the internet, I found that bread flour and all purpose flour are interchangeable. So, no worries if you don’t have bread flour – the texture may be slightly different, but it will still work just fine and be delicious. 

As for yeast, all I could find at the grocery store was Platinum Instant Sourdough. It was a yeast and sourdough culture all in one. I just hoped it would work in place of regular instant yeast. For the yogurt, make sure it is plain! You don’t want sourdough bread with a vanilla flavor. I always have plain Greek yogurt on hand for recipes and smoothies, so that is exactly what I used. You may try substituting plain yogurt or sour cream if that’s what you have on hand, but this would possibly alter the flavor.

Now that you have your ingredients; mix together 3 cups flour, 1 ½ tsp of salt, and your package of yeast. I didn’t measure my yeast. I just poured in the whole package and hoped for the best. Stir with your wooden spoon. If you don’t have a wooden spoon, use a whisk to make sure everything is good and mixed.

TIME SAVING TIP: In any recipe, I try to measure all my dry ingredients first. Then I can reuse the measuring cups and spoons for the wet ingredients. This saves time on dishes later.

easy homemade bread dry ingredients
my dry ingredients all mixed

Then it’s time for mixing in the yogurt. Add 1 ½ cups plain Greek yogurt to the dry ingredients. Here’s where things get messy. I stirred it all together with my wooden spoon as much as possible; trying to avoid getting my hands involved. One of my pet peeves is getting a bunch of gunk and dough under my nails. But, it couldn’t be avoided, and I eventually had to dig in with my hands to really get things mixed well.  NOTE: you may need to add more yogurt if your mixture is too dry. I added about another ¼ cup, and mine was still a bit crumbly.

easy homemade bread
after mixing in the yogurt
some of the crumbles left behind

After mixing my dough as best I could, and washing up my goopy hands, I moved my dough to the Instant Pot. As you can see above, some of my crumbly mixture was left behind. This was a little concerning. I wasn’t sure my dough was going to rise properly being on the dry side, but at the same time I was worried if I added too much yogurt it would alter the recipe. So, I just kept going and left some of the crumbles behind. Next, I placed my dough ball in the Instant Pot that I had already lined with parchment paper.

easy homemade bread
my dough ready to rise

Here’s where the Instant Pot becomes a valuable time saving tool. Bread, especially sourdough has to proof. This can take 12 hours with the traditional method. This only took 4 hours to proof, thanks to the Instant Pot’s yogurt button.  Set your lid on and secure it. Press the Yogurt Button and set the timer for 4 hours. NOTE: Instead of the timer counting down like it does for pressure cooking, the timer will count up. After 4 hours your dough should have about doubled in size.

Take your dough out and place on a floured surface. Now it’s time to knead the dough, and have messy hands again. Cover your hands in flour and knead the dough a few times until it becomes more elastic. It will take about 1 minute. This is where my dough finally started to be less crumbly. When I opened my Instant Pot after proofing I was worried as it still looked kind of dry and now I had to add more flour to knead it. But, after kneading it was a pleasant moist elastic dough ball!

easy homemade bread
letting my dough rest

After you have kneaded your dough and covered it to let it rest for a while on your floured surface place your pan in the oven. Preheating you Dutch oven for 30 minutes at 450 F. helps prepare the pan. It’s important to preheat the Dutch oven to get that yummy crust all the way around. Let’s talk about the Dutch oven or pan – what if you don’t have one? Fortunately, my mom has one and yes it’s from the 70’s and is a nice mustard yellow color. I would love to have one of those beautiful new Le Creuset pans in a pretty color like Turquoise, but I also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. So, the mustard yellow one of my mom’s works just fine. If you don’t have your own version of an enamel coated cast iron pan read this article from Kitchen Appliance HQ to help guide you on what to use instead of a Dutch oven.

easy homemade bread
my mother’s lovely 70’s mustard yellow Dutch oven

Now that your dough is in a pan or Dutch oven you are ready to bake. Bake your bread covered for 25 minutes then uncover for 8- 10 more minutes until it is a nice golden brown. Your house will start smelling like a bona fide bakery and it will be hard to wait to dig in. Once it is done place your pan on the stove top to cool or carefully remove and place on a wire rack.

easy homemade bread
waiting for my bread to cool

Once it is just cool enough to handle, you’ll need a taste test! Cut off a delicious slice and enjoy with butter and jam.

easy homemade bread
ready for a taste

This recipe from Living Sweet Moments was so easy, and my Instant Pot saved me hours in proofing time. I feel pretty confident I’m ready to try another bread recipe when I can find more yeast! Checkout this list of 9 Instant Pot Bread recipes from Mommy over Work to inspire you.


easy homemade bread

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