Best Activities for your Fall Family Bucket List

Best Activities for your Fall Family Bucket List

Fall is in the air! My favorite time of year is Labor Day to New Year’s Day. This last part of the year is filled with so many wonderful things from pumpkin lattes and Halloween, to gathering with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t want to miss a thing that Fall has to offer, so I started a Fall family bucket list. When you make a list, you make a plan, so you won’t look back and regret what you missed. We only have 18 Fall seasons with our children, so make the most of this one. Download your Family Fall Bucket List, and read on for tons of great ideas to fill that list.

Family Road Trips

Several of my favorite memories growing up are from family road trips. Fall has some of the best weather of the year, perfect for hitting the road. You can just take a day-trip or plan a weekend. Either way get out and find the best Fall foliage on display near you. Or plan a trip to the farm, whether you are visiting animals or picking apples, it’s the perfect way to spend some time this Fall. We went apple picking for the first time last year, and it was a ton of fun. The farm had animals too, so we had the best of both worlds. We had so much fun we are making it a family tradition. Get out and explore because you never know when you will stumble on a hidden gem that becomes a lasting family memory.

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First time apple picking

Need some ideas for where to go in your area? Check out this list of getaways from Family Vacation Critic. Or explore a festival near you here.

Fun Fall Food

The flavors of Fall make is a special time of year. Pumpkin filled treats and butternut squash soup make it hard not to eat your way through the season. Check out these 10 fun Fall treats from Taste of Home.

Easy Caramel Apple Bar

One of my favorite special Fall treats are caramel apples. Even if you aren’t hosting an event, setting up a caramel apple bar can turn any family night into memory especially if you picked the apples yourselves. The ingredients are easy with just apples, caramel, and toppings – but the options are endless!

caramel apples

You can choose from Granny Smith, Fuji, or Honey Crisp apples. Many people like Granny Smith because of the contrast of its tart flavor and the sweet caramel. But, I really enjoy the Honey Crips because of its texture and sweet-tart balance.

For the caramel you can either make it yourself or pick up a premade tub from the grocery store. If you have the time I would recommend making it yourself, but I’ve used both of these premade brands too. Both are yummy options! One of my favorite sites for baking is Sally’s Baking Addition. Here’s her recipe for Homemade Caramel Apples.

Letting your family customize their caramel apple with a variety of toppings is the best part! Organize them in a muffin tin for easy dipping. You can stock your caramel apple bar with mini chocolate chips, peanut pieces, mini m&ms, mini marshmallows, toffee bits, coconut flakes, and of course sprinkles. Get creative and make sure you have something everyone will enjoy.

I’ve found it easiest to pre slice my apples and then let everyone grab a plate full of them. Then dunk them all in caramel and dip in different toppings.

Favorite Fall Activities

I’ve added a road trip to pick apples to my annual family Fall bucket list. We also include a trip to the pumpkin patch along with making several pumpkin inspired treats. As the weather cools down it’s the perfect time to enjoy sweaters and scarves to get outside in the fresh air or cozy up inside to bake. Here are my top 5 favorite Fall activities. Find more ideas here and here.

We love Fall
  1. Go for a nature walk or hike. Get outside and enjoy nature. Go on a nature scavenger hunt around your neighborhood or on a nearby hiking trail. For inspiration and a free printable visit Hands On as We Grow. Then when you get home use those leaves to make a custom work of art with crayon rubbing like this.
  2. Bake with pumpkin. Having your kids help you in the kitchen comes with a variety of benefits at every age.  Kids who help in the kitchen tend to make healthier food choices. It’s also a fun time to practice those math skills. Try this Pumpkin Apple Muffin recipe from Super Healthy Kids.
  3. Carve or decorate pumpkins. Before kids my husband and I would plan our pumpkin carving a month out. We enjoyed the challenge. Now our pumpkin creations have taken on a slightly different look as we decorate with our toddler. Visit your local craft store to get ready to stick pumpkin decorating kits or visit Oriental Trading and invite some friends too. If your kids aren’t ready for carving and you want to get a little more creative you can paint pumpkins. Here’s some great ideas from
  4. Plan a picnic. Whether it’s in the backyard or a short drive away pack up your favorite Fall treats for a yummy lunch. You can bring those baked pumpkin treats and a thermos of spiced apple cider.
  5. Create a Thankful Tree. Get ready for the season of thanks with this family thankful tree. Tape your tree up on an easy to reach wall or display on the front of your fridge, as long as everyone can see it and reach it. Then have some blank leaves, markers, and tape nearby. Every time someone thinks of something they are thankful for they can add a leaf to the tree. Then take it down and read all the leaves as part of your Thanksgiving meal.


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