About Me

My name is Mommy, just kidding – my name is Lauren. I wear many hats every day, but enjoy being mom, chef, chauffeur, and professional play dough sculptor. Before becoming a stay at home mom I worked with families in the nonprofit world for almost 15 years. But, decided I didn’t want to miss the joy of being home while my kids were little.

I consider myself a bargain shopper. I love getting the best deal for the best product. Walking the tightrope between value and quality is never easy, and it was a lot easier when I was the only one deciding what I wanted. Now there is a little person in the driver seat of my spending, and you know it’s going to be a bad day when you hand over the wrong color sippy cup! One of my greatest annoyances in life is wasting money. But, it became clear very quickly that this is what children are best at.

I’ve wasted money on so many things trying to find the one that would meet the demanding tastes of a baby or now toddler. I’ve poured over blogs and articles. So, I want to share my knowledge and help others save time, money, and stress. This mommy tried it and you can too!