3 year old birthday party theme for girls, Flamingo Fiesta

3 year old birthday party theme for girls, Flamingo Fiesta

I love planning parties! I may actually love the planning sometimes more than the actual party – I know I’m a little crazy right?! But I am a natural born party planner as I learned from the best, my mom. She would often start planning my birthday parties as soon as the last one had finished. I want to share my latest party to make planning your 3 year old girl’s birthday easy. From invites, to food, and games this party was a blast for everyone. It was exciting to plan a real party after a year of pandemic quarantine living, so a wild fiesta was in order. Our Flamingo Fiesta was the perfect 3 year old birthday party theme.

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Theme, Invitation, and Décor

The theme was two parts flamingo and one part fiesta. The flamingo tropical vibes dominated the décor for sure.  I actually was inspired by some leftover décor I had from a party I threw for a friend several years ago, and I ran with it. Toddlers certainly can be wild so, young, wild, and three was a perfect theme for a three year old. I started my search on Amazon and Michaels to get some ideas flowing for flamingo party options. Then my next step is searching Pinterest.

Here’s the invite I created using a free online site.

3 year old birthday party theme

The original flamingos I bought were from Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading has lots of cute flamingo décor and party supplies to check-out.

Flamingo decorations

This party pack is also a quick and cost effective way to decorate on a budget.


The fiesta part of the theme really came through in the food. We got these easy taco kits from Costco and they were delicious. I highly recommend them for any party. Each kit makes 12 street tacos, so slightly smaller tacos. We were having lunch so we planned on 2.5 tacos per adult and 1.5 tacos per child. It was just right for the amount of food we needed. See pictures and read more about Costco’s taco kits on Scary Mommy. We added extra salsa, chips, and guacamole on the side but, you wouldn’t have to because the kits were really complete with salsa and a delicious cilantro sauce. I made pineapple pops to go on the side. These were made by cutting pineapple into spears and sticking cake pop sticks into them.

This paper goods set had everything we needed.

Drinks were in a cooler. I offered water bottles, La Croix, Hint water boxes for kids, and Costco’s Kirkland margarita (the best premade margaritas in my opinion). I had a lot of fun with the dessert. I had never tried making a three layer cake, but when I found the super cute premade Flamingo cake maker set at Michaels, I went for it. It was actually much easier than I was anticipating. I doubled this recipe from The Itsy-Bitsy Kitchen. I baked three 9-inch round cakes and used the rest for extra cupcakes. Make sure you line your cake pans with parchment paper and spray with non-stick cooking spray to easily remove cakes after baking. I loved the cake recipe because it used a store bought cake mix. That’s one of my biggest secrets to easy and yummy homemade cupcakes – use a box mix, but make homemade frosting. Homemade frosting is the key to crowd pleasing cupcakes and cakes. I did add some pink food coloring to the frosting to make it extra pink for the outside of the cake.

I found a really cute flamingo mold and made small chocolate flamingos to decorate the cupcakes and send home in little party favor bags for everyone to enjoy later. I actually used the cutlery bags from the party goods set and just stapled them shut with the chocolates inside. Getting good melting chocolate, like Mercken made it easy to create cute chocolate flamingos. You could also get their white chocolate and tint it pink. After you fill the mold, put it on a small baking sheet and leave in the fridge until hardened. Try to not overfill your mold and wipe off the excess to make cleaner edges. Then pop your chocolates out and your mold is ready to refill to make another batch.


Activities and Games

Flamingo Toss

This was a ton of fun and easy to set up. You could have even more flamingos and give them point values to make the game more competitive. I got my flamingos from Oriental Trading.

Flamingo Handprint Craft

We made this cute craft from Simple Every Day Mom. But you could also order this one from Oriental Trading.

Flamingo Piñata

We rented a bounce house as the main attraction of the party. When you compare the cost of hosting a party at a trampoline or play, a bounce house is much cheaper! The cost of renting a bounce house was $80, but if we hosted a party at our local indoor playground it would have cost $450. Talk about big time savings. The party was a success and everyone had fun including me, which always makes it a good party. Too often moms never get to enjoy the party like everyone else. I hope you’ll follow this party plan so you can enjoy a fun flamingo fiesta for your soon to be three year old!


3 year old birthday party theme

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